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the 2017 image campaign for Danish design company &Tradition,

Tradition 01 900 0x93x2725x3407 q85Tradition 03 thumb 900 0x0x4375x5469 q85

UGG Spring/Summer 2017,

Ugg 06 900 56x65x2744x3435 q85Ugg 11 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85

I've launched a new website solely for my personal work at sachamaricstudio.com,

Untitled 06 900 0x0x2400x3000 q85
Gmandf 15 900 0x0x2250x2813 q85

Naemi Schink in striped fashion for the November issue of WSJ. Magazine,

Wsj mag stripes 01 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85Wsj mag stripes 04 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85

I'm expanding my book project Good Mother and Father with some new pictures,

Gmandf 02 900 0x0x2250x2813 q85Gmandf 29 900 0x70x2624x3281 q85

my new project The Stairwell is up in personal,

Stairwell 01 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85Untitled 12 900 0x0x2400x3000 q85

Sophie Jones in a white shirts fashion series for WSJ. Magazine's September issue,

Wsj mag 02 900 0x0x2798x3500 q85Wsj mag 05 900 0x0x2798x3500 q85

I'm working on a new personal series about my daughter Eleanor,

Eleanor ear 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85Eleanor table 02 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85

a Lanvin menswear fashion series for Dansk Magazine,

Dansk aw16 01 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85Dansk aw16 08 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85

Junk Magazine interviewed me about my personal work, 

Untitled 25 900 0x0x2400x3000 q85
Gmandf 01 900 0x0x4000x5000 q85

new face Cara Taylor from Alabama stopped by my place,

Cara 01 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85Cara 02 900 28x65x2744x3435 q85

Grimes cover story for Nylon Magazine

Grimes 01 900 0x0x2798x3500 q85Grimes 02 900 0x84x2735x3416 q85

Yannick Abrath for Zara,

Zara men 14 900 0x47x2761x3453 q85Zara men 01 900 0x0x2779x3481 q85
Ww x reebok 01 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85Ww x reebok 06 900 0x0x2751x3444 q85

fashion story for Schön! Magazine with Soekie Gravenhorst,

Soekie 01 900 0x45x2705x3383 q85Soekie 02 900 0x117x2704x3383 q85

Wax Magazine men's fashion with Lucas Cristino,

Wax 01 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85Wax 02 900 0x0x2800x3500 q85

Mathilde Brandi for Storm & Marie.

Sm aw15 01 900 0x0x2625x3281 q85Sm aw15 04 900 0x0x2625x3281 q85

Welcome to my new website.

Gmandf 07 900 0x70x2624x3281 q85Chart 01 900 0x0x2625x3281 q85
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Sacha Maric was born and raised in London and now lives and works in New York.

He has a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Sacha has released two books of his personal work. Thrashers (2010), a series of screengrabs from 80’s heavy metal concert videos found on YouTube, and Good Mother and Father (2012), a collection of personal pictures chronicling his experience in becoming a first-time parent; a meditation on life, death and sex.


His editorial work has appeared in publications such as

Bloomberg Businessweek,
Dazed & Confused,
Teen Vogue,
WSJ Magazine

Commercial clients include

Adidas Originals,
Norse Projects,
Tommy Hilfiger,
Wood Wood,

Contact Info

Get in touch with Sacha through the following contacts:
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